Corporate Clients - Groups

Does your company recognise that their employees reflect the image of the company's brand as much as all those expensive marketing materials and public relations campaigns the company does?

If it doesn't, you might want to re-consider.

When your staff's image works for them, it also works for you and this is where I can help.

Meeting with them in small groups, I can advise them on all aspects of their appearance.

From hair styles to make-up as well as what's best to wear when meeting those key clients.

They'll feel better and have a better attitude about their work and the company.

After all, when you look good, you feel good and do good! Let's open a dialogue to see how "style" can be used to improve your bottom line.

Shopping Masterclass:  

Enjoy an informal master class that will answer all your shopping, makeup, hair and accessories questions.

Learn about how fashion and trends can work for your body shape, where the best shops and newest labels can be found, how to update your current wardrobe and where the trends are really going.

If you have clothing or accessories purchase that was an impulse buy and never worn, bring it along and see if I can make it work for you.

Fee: £50.00 per person maximum 10 people per 1 ½ hour class