Patrick Swan - Style with Distinction

Patrick Swan is called many things: an image consultant, a personal shopper, a style consultant, a celebrity image consultant, and a professional makeover guru!

He answers to them all!

Patrick is well-known as a television presenter as well as a personal stylist. His expertise was honed in the world professional styling, hair and make-up.

See how Patrick can help you become the chic and alluring person you have always wanted to be:

Personal Style Consultations
Guidance for Small Corporate Groups
Make-up and Styling for Special Occasions
Patrick's Personal Shopping Experience

He's worked, for A-list celebrity clients and their high profile projects, from promotions to album covers, editorial shoots to personal appearances, both in New York and London.

What is certain is that he has an exceptional flair, boosted by long experience, which can enhance the image with which men and woman present themselve to the world.

Who would not like to be more glamorous, elegant and stylish?

Please look through the site to see how he can help with your needs and aspirations.  Be sure to check out a taster of Patrick's review of the fashion trends.

Take a look at Patrick in action:

His latest video

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